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Foundry Technician - 3rd Shift



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3rd shift

  • 34 hour work week

  • 7:30 pm to 6:00 am Sunday, 12:00 am to 6:00 am Monday through Thursday

  • $15.75 per hour base pay

  • $3.75 3rd shift premium

   + $0.50 per hour increase upon successful 90 to 120 day probation

      $20.00 per hour

Technician duties

Must be willing and flexible to work in a variety of foundry positions: Pour/Shift, Mold, Core, Grind, Furnace Operator, and Clean. 

  • Molder - Forms sand molds to fabricate metal castings. Duties may be performed either individually or in a crew of two individuals and using either automatic, single station or two station cope and drag type of equipment. [not plastic injection]
  • Coremaker - Makes sand cores used in molds to form holes or hollows in metal castings
  • Grinder - Grinds and chips workpiece to groove, bevel, round or straighten edges or remove excess stock from metals as specified by drawings, job orders, or guidelines or to removed defects, such as shrink cracks and holes
  • Pour/Shifter - Operate transfer ladles containing molten metal to pour into prepared sand molds of various sizes and configurations.  Place metal weights and jackets on prepared sand molds preparatory to pouring molten metal into the molds.

Furnace Operator duties

  • Moves controls to regulate flow of electricity to heat furnace to specified temperature.
  • Monitors furnace cooling water and cooling systems. 
  • Observes color of metal and instruments such as voltmeter, ammeter, wattmeter, and pyrometer, and adjusts controls to maintain specified temperature.  Monitors instruments and makes judgments and takes appropriate actions based upon these readings and upon information supplied by laboratory personnel regarding spectrographic analysis.
  • Adds or causes additives such as carbon or other inoculants to be added to molten metal bath in proper proportions.
  • Sprinkles fluxing agent over surface of molten metal to bring impurities to surface, forming layer of slag.  Skims off slag.
  • Operates controls causing furnace to tilt thereby pouring molten metal from furnace into pouring ladles.
  • Monitors condition of and maintains refractory lining in furnaces; removes and replaces refractory linings and other lining materials on a periodic basis.
  • Practices safe work habits, maintains workplace in good order, and wears all issued personal protective equipment at all times in the workplace.


  • 18+ years old
  • Successful completion of a physical/drug screen and background check
  • Ability to wear PPE - safety glasses and shoes, hearing protection, and hard hat.  May also include aluminum jacket/chaps and dust respirator.
  • Ability to lift/push/pull between 50 – 75 lbs. on a frequent basis, continuously stand
  • Positive attitude with reliable attendance


  • Eligible for Health, Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, Flexible Spending Accounts, 401(k) and profit sharing on the first of the month following 60 days
  • Holiday pay eligibility after 30 days of hire/10-paid days
  • Tuition Reimbursement

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